Tecnical Support
Pre-sales Service
1. Fully to understand customers' requirements during the early communication with Customers.
2. Supply kinds of service for your visit to our factory
3. Our professional technicist will be selected to communicate with customers and offer the project of machine tool,design drawing, parameter and perfermance, etc. We will cooperate with customer to make a best project.

On-sales Service
1. When signing contract,we will make a Technical Agreement to perfect customers’s requirement.The Technical Agreement will be the enclosure of the contract.It will be came into effect after approved by both sides.
2. After signing the contract, our professional technicist will start to design products basing on customers’ design decuments and tecnical information.
3. Show customers the technique and drawing information on the contract. Invite customers to participate the supplier design review.
4. Strictly execute the agreement that supply and requisitioning
parties discuss on relevant issues
5. Inform customers of any quality defect during producing in time.
6. During the manufacturing process,we will start to arrange the Drawing review, product inspection,and acceptance checks, etc.Make all the procedures move smoothly
7. It is carried out depending on the standard for production,material and product test.

After-sales Service
1. SIO will hold a tecnical trainning on installation,debugging,operation when checking in the customer’s factory.Besides, customers can also send 2-3 workers to SIO for a weekly training.The training time can be extended on special conditions.
2. Aftering receiving the products, The warranty of Entire machine tool is 1 year,CNC system is for 2 years. Except man-made damage or improper maintenance , It is free to exchange and repair damaged products during the warrant. After warranty, we only charge the cost of service and accessaries.

3. If there is any problem on quality when using the machine tool, ISO will revert in 6 hours upon receiving user notifies.Besides, we will arrive the spot in 48 hours if needed.

Comprehensive Maintenance System

Inspect carefully in advance to avoid the malfunction and prolong the lifetime of machine tool. The certified technicist will help to maintain the machine in a good condition.

1. Sio certified technicists will make the preventive maintenance.
2. The flexible maintenance plan meets your need.
3. The technicist will arrive customer’s factory at once with the tools.
4. Keep the timing of the machine tool in a good condition.
5. Keep the inside of machine clean and the lubrication enough.

6. Inspect the potential problem of machine to avoid the malfunction.

The process of preventive maintenance
Cooling system

- Inspect cooling pump

Guide way lubrication system

1. Inspect the filter
2. Inspect pipeline and connect
3. Inspect the operation

4. Confirm the operation of lubrication pump

Electric System
1. Clean electrical cabinet
2. Check the voltage
3. Inspect circuit terminal
4. Inspect the circuit
5. Change or clean the fan filter

6. Check the door limit switch and security lock

Mechanical Systems
1. Inspect the machine tool
2. Inspect the spindle radial and axial runout
3. Check the lubrication and cooling of principal axis
4. Check the precision of position
5. Change lubricating oil
6. Check driving belt
7. Check the taper hole of spindle
8. Check the backplate and scraper blade of  guide rail
9. Check the balance system
10. Check the circuit, tube and cable
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