CNC Polygon Cutting and Turning Machine(Linear Guide Rail)SIO-PT120L

CNC Polygon Cutting and Turning Machine(Linear Guide Rail)SIO-PT120L

CNC Polygon Cutting and Turning Machine(Linear Guide Rail)SIO-PT120L
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Technical Specifications
Purpose of Machine Tool:
SIO-PT120L CNC Polygon Cutting and Turning Machine(Linear Guide Rail)is one of our patents for invention. It is mainly used for finish machining polygonal work pieces such as hexagon and tetragonum etc. It can also process spare parts like triangle, pentagon shapes etc. The Machine has all functions of CNC turning Machine. It improves the production efficiency, machining accuracy and saving the cost of human resources. The Machine is the ideal processing equipment for automobile, mechanic, hardware, light and other manufacturing industries.

Standard Configuration & Main Features:
Siemens 808D as standard CNC system which has USB port.
Meehanite cast iron after aging treatment with high quality and less deformation.
Spindle and cutter driven by servo motor to ensure accurate ratio of rotating speed.
Precision ball screws ensure dynamic performance well and positioning accurately.
Feeding axles are driven by servo motors.
Integrated automatic lubrication system makes the maintenance more reliable.
Configuration powerful cooling pump.
4-position electric turret locates quickly.

Full-enclosed shield.

Optional Accessories (Extra Price):
Control systems such as FANUC,Siemens,GSK or KND is available for your selection.
Pneumatic or hydraulic chuck is available.
Pneumatic or hydraulic tailstock is available.

CNC Polygon Cutting and Turning Machine
Items Technical Parameters
Model SIO-PT120L
Max. Width of Polygon 120 mm
Max. Swing Over Bed Φ400 mm
Max. Swing Over Slide Φ200 mm
Max. Length of Work Piece 400 mm
X Travel 250 mm
Z Travel 450 mm
Guide Rail Type Linear Guide Rail
Width of Bed 500 mm
Rapid Traverse X/Z 10/15 m/min
Servo Power X/Z 6/7.5 N.m
Pulse Equivalent X/Z 0.001 mm
Positioning Accuracy 0.012 mm
Repetitive Positioning Accuracy 0.006 mm
Spindle Nose A2-6
Taper of Spindle Bore MT6
Spindle Bore Φ56 mm
Chuck Diameter Φ200 mm
Spindle Speed Servo 200-3000 rpm
Taper of Tailstock Quill MT5
Travel of Tailstock Quill 250 mm
Diameter of Tailstock Quill Φ82 mm
Taper of Cutter Bore NT40
Handle Size of Cutters 20x20 mm
Tool Positions/Handle Size Electrical Turret 4/20x20 mm²
Spindle Motor Power 5.5 kw
Cutter Motor Power 2.2 kw
Machining Accuracy It 6
Surface Roughness Ra 1.6
Overall Dimensions 2.5x1.7x1.6 m³
Net Weight 2.5t
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