F:What’s the corporate culture of Shanghai SIO?
A:Connotation of SIO:  Step ahead in technology
                      Invent efficient machines
                      Offer excellent service…
Mission: To enhance modern manufacturing with technology
Vision: To be leading brand in intelligent manufacturing field
Philosophy: To create maximum value for our honored clients

F:What can SIO do for us?
A:Shanghai SIO Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech, scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise which specializes in CNC special-purpose machine tools and industrial automation solutions.

F:What are the advantages of SIO?
A:SIO company employs many experts in CNC machine tools, has greatly achieved in technical level, enterprise scale and manufacturing capacity. According to the specific requirements of clients, provide cost-effective machines and industrial automation solutions. 

Q:How to ensure customer service?
A:SIO has a professional technical team. will bring you a special solution, customized design, manufacturing, installation, test, training and after-sales service.
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